I’m sure a key element in your success has been how you have built interpersonal relationships. Interacting with others, delivering good news as well as explaining and apologizing when things haven’t gone well. Gaining credibility over the long term. How you say something can be as important as what you say. That has been the… Continue Reading

Here are three rare patient recruiting tips, gleaned from conducting over 850 rare patient recruits. Lead with your best offer. We generally compensate patients with $100 per hour of their time, (e.g., $25 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, etc.) This is motivating to patients. We pay by check; when we’ve surveyed our patients, two-thirds… Continue Reading

We’ve recruited 93 cancer patient projects this year across 25 different tumor types since teaming up with WhatNext.com, the official social health site of the American Cancer society. Projects have been both qualitative and quantitative, with sample sizes ranging from 0 (some really difficult criteria!) to n=635. We’ve learned quite a bit and we’re happy… Continue Reading

Just the Fax, Doc

What is it about faxes that physicians’ offices love so much? Is there a worse way to protect patient privacy than sending test results to a machine where the pages pile up for hours and everyone in the office will see it before the patient? But they do love faxes, and we end up using… Continue Reading

Increasing Response Rates

Today I am at the EOSConnection conference in Indianapolis, recruiting Eosinophilic Esophagitis patients and caregivers. The participants are all in session now (except for some kids who are raiding my bowl of Smarties), so I’m taking the time to send this email. With the limited sampling universes of rare diseases, obtaining a high response rate… Continue Reading

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